Joseph & Joan Cullman Conservation Grants

The generosity of the Cullman Foundation continues to allow Northern New York Audubon to distribute monies to fund projects occurring in the Adirondack, Champlain or St. Lawrence region of Northern New York or be beneficial to bird species that occur in that region. Eligibility includes, but is not limited to, environmental organizations, teachers, graduate students, and research project managers.

2022-2023 Cullman Grants

We are now accepting applications for this years Cullman Grant applications

Who Are Joseph and Joan Cullman? 

Joesph CullmanJoseph and Joan Cullman owned the Kildare Club just north of Tupper Lake and loved the Adirondacks with a respect bordering on reverence. The chairman of Phillip Morris, Inc. from 1957-1970, Joseph F. Cullman 3rd believed that a capitalistic, democratic society depends in many ways on its citizens’ dedication to philanthropy. An admirer of Teddy Roosevelt, Joseph Cullman took great pride in his work as a conservationist. The range and magnitude of his generosity to conservation causes boggles the mind. He helped start the World Wildlife Fund and The Atlantic Salmon Federation. A hunter who went on an African safari nearly every year, he co-founded Conservation Force, an organization in Tanzania that has built 26 schools, 6 medical dispensaries and operates anti-poaching teams to protect elephants and other wildlife. He endowed the Joseph F. Cullman Library of Natural History at the Smithsonian as well as the Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Professorship in Wildlife, Ecology and Biodiversity at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He contributed handsomely to The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum, American Public Television, New York City Council on the Environment, The Committee to Protect Journalists, Women’s’ Sports Foundation, New York City Audubon Society, The Neurosciences Institute at Rockefeller University, the New York Restoration, The New 42nd Street — the list goes on and on.

Cullman Grant Recipients

2021AIC Bird Feeding Station EnhancementsAdirondack Interpretive Center$700
2021Native Trees and Shrubs to Enhance Songbird Habitat on the Ausable RiverAusable River Association$2500
2021An Investigation into the Vulnerability of Stream/Riparian Communities to Road-Salt Pollution Within the Adirondack ParkJesse Rock/ Paul Smith’s College$2416
2021Understanding Mechanisms of Avian Community Change around Residential DevelopmentWildlife Conservation Society$1250
2021Feeling Blue: The Impact of Nest Parasites on Eastern Bluebird FitnessDr. Alyssa Gleichsner/ SUNY Plattsburgh$2500
2021Understanding Mechanisms of Avian Community Change around Residential DevelopmentAdirondack Watershed Insitute$1250
2021Avian Surveys, Habitat Enhancement, and Improving Public Awareness of Birds at the Hart’s Falls Preserve in Canton, NYSt. Lawrence Land Trust$2300
2021Love Your Lake: Drivers of Change, Loons and Fish in Protected WatershedsSUNY ESF Adirondack Ecological Center$2500
2020Assessing the Impact of Prey Abundance and Composition on Dichotomous Mating
Strategies in the White-throated Sparrow
Nicholas Gabry: Indiana State University$2450
2020Advancing Riparian Restoration in the Ausable River WatershedCarrianne Pershyn: Ausable River Association$2500
2020Planting Natives for Birds and CommunityLake Placid Land Conservancy$2475
2020Project Bobolink: Grassland Bird Conservation at Heaven Hill FarmMichale Glennon$2500
2020Developing Capacity for Boreal Bird Monitoring at Shingle ShantyStephen Langdon$2500
2020Lakes for Loons - A Loon-Friendly Lake Certification Program for the AdirondacksNina Schoch$2500
2020Early Morning Birding on Wild WalkThe Wild Center$1350
2019Avian Behavioral and Spatial Patterns in a Disease-Impacted Adirondack ForestRavyn Neville$2,340
2019Adirondack Fishing Line Recycling ProgramAdirondack Center for Loon Conservation$2,500
2019Habitat Change vs Human Behavior: Understanding Mechanisms of Avian Community Change around Residential DevelopmentDr. M. Glennon/Adirondack Watershed Institute$2,500
2019Adirondack Wildlife InternshipAdirondack Wildlife, Inc.$1,250
2019Integrating automated acoustic monitoring devices into long‐term boreal‐bird monitoringSteven Langdon$1,700
2019Birding and Orienteering Equipment RequestNorthern Forest Institute$1,000
2019Wild Watch! Birding on Wild WalkThe Wild Center$1,000
2018Advancement of Paul Smith’s College Educational Wildlife Collection and MuseumBenjamin Wrazen$1,000
2018Birdsbesafe: Is a novel cat collar more effective at stopping cats from killing birds at high latitudes?Dr. Susan Willson$1,200
2018Birdsafe Adirondacks, Phase IJorie Favreau$2,500
2018Spatial Habitat Use and Behavior of Birds in Forests Infected with Beech Bark DiseaseRavyn Neville$2,400
2018Keynote Lecture Series at the Great Adirondack Birding CelebrationPaul Smith's College VIC$1,500
2018Alpine plants as indicators of climate changeAdirondack Mountain Club$1,900
2017Adirondack Pollinator ProjectThe Wild Center$2,000
2017Boreal Bird Point Count Training Program for surveys at Shingle Shanty PreserveSteven Langdon$2,900
2017Survey of Moth Diversity at the Paul Smith's College VICJanet Mihoc$1,075
2017Summer Naturalist EducatorsAdirondack Mountain Club$2,050
2017Design and Fabrication of a permanent exhibit about Common Loons for the Audubon Loon CenterAdirondack Center for Loon Conservation$2,000
2017Golden-winged warbler population surveyDr. Tom Langen$2,500
2017Paul Smith's College VIC Great Adirondack Birding Festival Keynote Speaker--Phillip HoosePaul Smith's College VIC$1,500
2016Boreal Studies Award--Long-term study of polymorphic supergene in the white-throated sparrowDr. E.M. Tuttle & Dr. Rusty A. Gosner$1,900
2016Avian Outreach Award--Birds of the Champlain Hills SurveyDr. M. Glennon/Wildlife Conservation Society$1,977
2016Boreal Montane Studies Award--Boreal Bird Monitoring @ Shingle Shanty Preserve/Research StationSteven Langdon$800
2016Great Adirondack Birding Celebration Annual Lecture/WorkshopDr. Jeremy Kirchman$1,300
2016Hamilton County Birding Festival Annual LectureDr. Nina Schoch/Biodiversity Research Institute$1,000
2016Avian Education AwardAdirondack Interpretive Center/ESF$1,074
2016Wildlife Management & Education AwardTommy Mingoia/Adirondack Wildlife Refuge$2,500
2016Beginning Birder Award/Binocular SubsidyAdirondack Mountain Club$500
2015Boreal Studies Award/Prevalence of amphibian chytid fungus in Adirondack streams, ponds and lakesCharles W. Robinson$1,916
2015Avian Outreach Award/The Wild Center-- Take Flight Festival/Adirondack Raptors/Wildlife RehabilitationThe Wild Center$1,977
2015Boreal/Montane Species Award/Monitoring Boreal Species, i.e. Bicknell's thrush, Boreal Chickadee in ADKsMountain Birdwatch 2.0$2,250
2015Endangered Species Award/Point Counts of Boreal Species in Moose River Plains--16 locationsGary Lee/Wildlife Conservation Society$2,000
2015Great Adirondack Celebration Annual Workshop/Lecture--Bicknell's Thrush: Conserving a Bird or Two WorldsChris Rimmer/Vermont Center for Ecostudies$2,000
2015Hamilton County Birding FestivalAnnual Lecture/Workshop--Lecture/Demonstration about Hawks & OwlsWendy Hall/Adirondack Wildlife Refuge$1,000
2014Avian Outreeach Award--Intern for Biodiversity Research Institute's Education/Cirriculum ProgramBiodiversiity Research Instute$2,500
2014Boreal Studies Award--Impact of Noise on Boreal Wetland Birds/Acoustics SM2 + Digital recordingsSamouel J. Begin, Master's Candidate SUNY ESF$2,190
2014Boreal/Montane Studies Award--Study of Phenological Changes in Boreal Birds Species in the AdirondacksMadeleine Rubenstein/Wildlife Conservation Society$2,000
2014Great Adirondack Birding Celebration Annual Lecture/Workshop--The Surprising Lives of BirdsNoah Stryker, author of The Thing With Feathers$2,000
2014Endangered Species Research Award--67 boreal bird point location/20 intensive vegetative assessmentsSteven Langdon$1,000
2014Public health Award--A Study of the Ecology of Range Limits for Lyme Disease in the AdirondacksCenter for Adirondack Biodiversity/Paul Smiths College$800
2014Hamilton County Birding Festival Annual Lecture/Adirondack Boreal Bird SpeciesJoan Collins$500
2013Avian Research Award-- The State of the Adirondack Boreal/Composition & Geography/Changes & ThreatsJerry Jenkins/Wildlife Conservation Society$2,000
2013Boreal Studies Award--Genotyping of Bicknell's thrushes by DNA sequencing/mitochondrial ND2 geneDr. Jeremy Kirchman/New York State Museum$1,100
2013Boreal/Montane Studies Awad-- Impacts of Exurban Residential Development on OvenbirdsDr. Chad L. Seewagen$1,200
2013Endangered Species Award-- Breeding Golden-winged Warbler Population Size and OpportunitiesDr. Tom Langen$2,150
2013Avian Outreach Award--Study of Loons during the critical nesting period to assess threats, i.e. predationBRI's Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation$1,225
2013GABC Annual Lecture--WCS's ongoing studies of a suite of boreal birds & exurban developmentDr. M. Glennon/Wildlife Conservation Society$750
2013Wildlife Rehabilitation Grant--Underwrote half the salary of a Rehabilitation Intern at AWR&RCAdirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehabilitation Center$1,250
2013Audubon Publishing Award--Threatened Birds in the Adirondack & Northern Forest RegionsAdirondack Journal of Environmental Studies$500
2012Avian Research Award- -Effects of Exurban Development on Passerine and Piciform bird populations in AdkDr. Chad Seewagen/ Wildlife Conservation Society$3,000
2012GABC Annual Lecture--Richard Crosley Lecture on the Development of His Unique New Field GuideRichard Crosley/ The Crosley ID Guide$750
2012Hamilton County Festival Lecture-- Birds of Papual New Guinea & The AdirondacksDr. Bruce Beehler$750
2012Boreal Bird Studies Award-- Rusty Blackbird Populations in the Adirondacks; Massaweepie, Shingle Shanty etcStacy McNulty/ Adirondack Ecological Center$1,500
2012Boreal/Montane Studies Award- -Development of 2 new routes for Mountain Birdwatch SurveysVermont Center for Ecostudies$2,250
2012Climatology Research Grant-- Effects of Climate Change on White-throated Sparrows/immune responsesDr. Elaina M. Tuttle$1,000
2012Citizen Science Grant-- Educational Materials for the All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory in the AdirondacksAll-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory Group$500
2012Education Grant--Implementation of the Living Bird Exhibit, Phase Two--8 new feeders, reflective tape, etc.SUNY ESF Adirondack Intrepretive Center$500
2011Avian Research Award-- Effects of Acidic Deposition of Songbird Abundance in the AdirondacksJennifer Yantachka- -SUNY ESF$3,769
2011GABC Annual Lecture-- Controbutions Made to Ornithlogy by WomenScott Weidensaul$1,500
2011Boreal/Montane Studies Grant--Approaches to Better Understand Stressors to Birds in the AdirondacksWildliefe Conservation Society$3,500
2011Boreal Bird Studies Award-- 40 ten minute Point Counts at Shingle Shanty PreserveSteven Langdon$1,100
2011Education Grant-- Purchase of Seed for Adirondack Interpretativd Center FeedersAdirondack Interpretive Center$161
2010Summer Intern Grant-- Half The Salary of a Summer Intern at The Wild CenterKatie Christman--The Wild Center$5,000
2010Avian Research Award-- Salary of a Fiel Assistant for a Study of Rusty Blackbirds in the AdirondacksMelanie McCormack$1,200
2010GABC Annual Lecture-- Science in the Urban Jungle: Neighborhood Nestwatch Dr. Peter Marra$1,500
2010Lepidopteran Grant-- A Survey of the Giant Silkmouths of Northern New YorkDr. Janet Mihuc$500
2010Boreal/Montane Studies Grant-- Study of Bicknell's Thrush & Other High-Elevation Species on Whiteface Mt.Wildlife Conservation Society$3,200
2009Summer Intern Grant- -Half the Salary of a Summer Inern at The Wild CenterApril Costa--The Wild Cwnter$4,500
2009Avian Research Award-- Study of Boreal Bird Populations in the Spring Pond Bog ComplesWildlife Conseervation Society$2,000
2009GABC Annual Lecture-- Study of Migratory Routes Using Geolocators onPurple Martins and Wood ThrushesDr. Bridget Stuchberry$1,500
2009Migratory Banding Award-- Purchase of Two Nets for the Crown Point Banding AssociationCrown Point Bird Banding Association$300
2009Education Grant- -Monitoring Avian Productivity and SurvivorshipKelly Hoffman--Smitty Creek Bird Banding Station$1,200
2009Spruce Grouse Grant-- Evaluating Spruce Grouse Management in Lowland Boreal Forest in the AdirondacksAngelina Ross$5,000
2008Summer Intern Grant-- Half The Salary of a Summer Intern at The Wild CenterElizabeth Rogers- -The Wild Center$4,500
2008Avian Research Award-- Boreal Bird Initiative and Adirondack Loon ProgramNina Schoch-- Wildlife Conservation Society$5,000
2008GABC Annual Lecture-- Bird Recordings Made in the AdirondacksLang Elliot$1,500
2008Wildlife Rehabilitation Grant-- New York Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Meeting Subsidy for Two StudentsNew York Wildlife Rehabilitation Council$1,500
2008Education Grant-- Purchase of Binoculares for Indian Creek Nature Center/Equipment for Science ClassIndian Creek Nature Center/Becky Bosley$1,500
2008Education Grant-- Interactive Guide to Birding Hotspots in the AdirondacksAdirondack Interpretative Center$1,000
2007Ornithology Scholarship-- Sent a Student to the New York State Ornithological Society's Annual MeetingKevin Jablonski$500
2007Wildlife Rehabilitation Scholarship-- Travel Expenses for Two Rehabilitators to Training SessionsCamille Burns & S.E.H. Burns$250
2007Summer Intern Award-- Half the Salary for a Summer Intern at The Wild CenterThe Wild Center$4,500
2007GABC Annual Lecture-- American KestrelsDr. David Bird$1,500
2007Research Grant-- Salary of a Field Researcher @ Tupper Lake/Massaweepie AreaWildlife Conservation Society$2,000
2007Avian Research Award-- Effects of Mercury on Reproductive Success of Adirondack LoonsDr. Nina Schoch--Wildlife Conservation Society$500
2007Student Research Scholarship Award--Funds for A Grad Student & An Intermediate School Student birderSUNY ESF/Saranac Middle School$750